Do not let it define you.

I have never had to be there to know what it feels like to write up a page long story of fear, love and hope. I realize they all live within you and truly people experience them  differently. We are all unique to our experiences no matter how large or small, there’s really no comparison to both at all and the best way to deal with yours is to never compare. We are what we go through,good or bad it’s always been for reason. Don’t question your faith so much you lose the chance to experience something so raw and yours. Life is a death sentence, we truly live only after death. Take you heart along but your head shouldn’t be forgotten. Our experiences lives within us, we all become who we are based on our response to them. Be proud of your experiences, nothing last long anyway, giving up hope makes things worse,you would only sink deeper into sea of hopelessness,there is always a way out you just have to search deep and wide enough. Wait, if you have to wait, run, if you have to run, fight, if that’s what it takes and pray, pray hard you can never be wrong to do that. God gave you your live to live and you weren’t made to live it up fully without him.



I have always been on the surface protected n secured never had to be scared of anything, always been catered and cared for.

The heat of the sun never hit me and i have never ran far enough to reach for things..they were always gotten for me, never swam deep enough to reach for things to see the darkness and pressure to see the dark yet awesomeness creatures 
Always at the surface, always in between protected and cared for, naive and Innocent with a deep wild imagination

Curiousity does visit once in a while and I wondered occasionally wat lies beneath the deep blue sea..fascinated by its glory and power and darkness…never had the freedom,never had the chance and even when people come calling i never gave a chance

Always been held down kept under fear. Always been restricted too much I longed for more. Am always looking out of the windows of the car as we ride through the road looking for something i can’t seem to see or find ….freedom.

Freedom was something i felt when tasted wud give life to and enlighten my naïve mind,freedom was something i thought when tasted would set my mind free to soar to jump up so high and reach the good life yet slide down so low to get a glimpse of a darker side.

I was wrong. I was wrong about freedom,and mostly what I wanted out of it.

Freedom is like a fire beautiful, warm and calm from afar, but when uncontrolled and jumped into burns you up destructively without mercy. Freedom is like rose, lovely and magnificent from afar, but when touched, you bleed and hurt from its thorns, freedom is the deep blue sea, calm,beautiful, mysterious and powerful,looks like endless possibilities,simple and easy but when in it you drown, the darkness sucks you in without 


However the story goes, the story of my life goes, nothing changes the fact that i am where i am by my own choices and decisions and the love of God. I recently just wrote an article,but did not save it as a draft,so i lost it. Now, i am left with these aimless words and wandering thoughts. But out of every thought comes a priceless nugget of tangible information to which when we pay apt attention to can either make us or destroy us. Basically, pay attention to every thought that crosses the mind. I like to think of the mind, as an endless void larger than space and totally incomprehendable. A deep dark infinite space, where creatures of all who we ever are lives and thoughts are like the endless stars that shines bright and dim and then particular thoughts are born to stay and grow into a planet like size to occupy our minds, these planet like thoughts, have a life of it own and controls who we are, they become like personalities,habits or even individuals we become, they cannot be easily destroyed and when they are, a major part of our being crumbles, explodes and then we experience life altering changes in our lives.

However, while most people have shallow minds and are not willing to explore deeper, they are ok with living shallow lives, working shallow jobs, dying a miserably shallow death leaving nothing for the world they came into to remember them for, others have deep minds where planet like thoughts, creatures and stars exist, these are extraordinary humans from a positive view, from them came life changing creations, while some others sadly,only have empty, broken or void minds,these ones are not normal people from a negative spectrum,they are wild, wounded humans, with an undeniable ability to do and undo what it takes to fulfil their darkness. Kudos,to those like me,with messy, unorganized, wonderful,creative yet numb,naive,idealistic minds, who still havent figured out their identity and true purpose yet, but never seize to give up rallying around looking for truth about everything and themselves,you are a tangible working progress,God loves you to be focused for once.He loves you despite. He loves everyone despite,though he might be totally dissappointed with some. Moving on…

Being human is amazing, but equally hellish. Our creator, God, has his mind which no being can fully comprehend and from it, everything we are, we know,see,feel,taste, hear and can ever think off finds its source, that explains a lot, with us being its creations,isn’t that amazing?!. Our value and core of existence lies in the depth, genuineness and wildness of our minds and hearts. Take that away from a human and they seize to be, simply humans.

Final words for anyone who did really care to read this write up to this level, having a messy and wonderful mind enough to comprehend the relevant worded jargons of this piece, Care to know that to become whatever and whoever you wish to be, which i believe and is not limited to being possible, work to break down every toxic planet like thought patterns, read books,listen and think, work on your mind like you would on an impossible project you need to pass to graduate college.

Everything begins and ends in the mind. You truly are who you think you are.

The Journey

I, and I am sure you too must have heard several stories about the failures, challenges and setbacks present day succesful people have encountered and how much they have been discouraged, cheated, turned down,hopeless, pushed to the wall and even broken,but still never gave up. They kept their faces high and faith even higher, they strongly believed in their dreams and vision even when everyone had thought they were crazy, a failure and incompetent, they still had their thing going on.why?, i asked myself, how could they still have the courage to be on the track even the world was against them?, I didn’t get a satisfactory answer until i found myself struggling to make a dream, a vision and a goal become a reality and i got to realize and see how people react to it and i said to myself this must be how they felt; ignored,clueless, discouraged. One thing keeps me and that is what i want, my dream, my goals and vision for life. I may not be so experienced,or even talented at what i do, but i have a heart and a strong mind ready to take on the world and give it what i got and to do whatever positive thing it takes to get to where i want to be, to learn to improve each time I fail or i am being criticized, and not accept failure as the end. No matter how small the step i take everyday is, i know i am making progress, and to never be satisfied with the stage I find myself in but seek to improve.

It is easy to get comfortable and relaxed but that is the beginning of failure. Never get too comfortable or else your growth begins to get stunted and you become stagnant and poor(being poor is not nice at all). I hope this also motivates you to never get too comfortable with where you are in life,seek to learn,their is always room for improvement, always.